The First Cut is the Deepest

As many of you know, I like American Idol, but only when they get down to the top 24 or so. I can’t stand the Gong Show portion of the show and I start getting interested about Hollywood time. It probably means something when I missed the first two boys performances and the last few girls performances of this week’s shows and didn’t miss much.

By the way, AI is one of the best shows to watch through Tivo because you can fast forward past the crap and get to the good stuff. Paula’s video is a good example of the crap.

Moving on, its pretty apparent there are, as usual, only about three or four singers talented enough to make a mark in the music industry. I can’t remember anyone’s name on the show. Right now they are the guy who sang Queen and the Doors, the kid with the vocal cord problems who Simon went apeshit crazy for, the really hot blonde, the other hot blonde, emo guy, the dreadlocks guy, the girl who looks like that girl from last season, the fat black chick, the asshole black guy, the kid who sang Elvis in a way too happy voice, the guy who looks like Wolverine, the booth babe, Peter Frampton, the really petite asian, the rocker guy, the rocker girl and the chick named Asia’h. If I forgot you… your journey is probably ending sooner than later.

The fat black chick, Peter Frampton, the kid who sang Elvis in a way too happy voice and the booth babe went home.

At this stage, I have a few favs. However, I’m not going to share who’s going to win until we get to the top 12. The picture isn’t indicative of my choice for winner, just a way to brighten up the place.