Head Games

I shaved my head.

It was without remorse or sadness. I just got out the clippers and eliminated all the extra growth that showcased my lack of hair and the few follicles that have decided to go silver.

I am lucky because I have a head that looks pretty okay sans hair. I look like Jason Statham or maybe Bruce Willis if either one of them kept a van dyke instead of just a continuous face of three days stubble.

As I look into my stark white bathroom trash can, I see the brown, black and silver remnants. I look at younger pictures and see a full head of extremely curly hair and I wonder where it all went. Alas, the terrible gene has robbed me of my hair.

It matters little. There are far too many writers, actors and musicians who I admire (and are admired themselves by many others) who are follically-challenged. I admit I rooted for Chris Daughtery on American Idol because of his head just as much as his voice. Mark Waid, Brian K. Vaughan and Grant Morrison are fantastic writers who I aspire to even a fraction’s worth of their talent. I hope going the shaved head route, increases my chances.

Sure I could Hair Club for Men my dome, but why? I mean, I don’t want to hide behind a fake head of hair nor does my lack of hair truly translate into not attracting the ladies. No wigs for me.

No, I will embrace my head as with all things I have little control over. I can’t stop the hair from taking a long vacation, but I can issue a preemptive strike.

Now about my weight…