Go Your Own Way

I don’t believe I’ve called an American Idol winner this early, but it’s as over as Hillary’s campaign to be Prez. Little David Archuleta will be your next American Idol. He’s cute, humble, the girls are all going screamy for him (which means votes) and unlike the Sanjaya last season, he can sing. Now all we need is a Miley Cyrus hookup and Little David A will be on his way.

However, there are other so-called “contestants” in this year’s “competition.” I still can’t hardly remember any of them.

Here’s my quick and probably random thoughts:

  • The dude butchered Fleetwood Mac
  • The dude butchered Queen
  • The dude with the dreds is fucking stupid
  • I don’t believe you can take a song stuck in the 70s and make it relevant for today’s audience.
  • The dude who thinks he’s a rocker… ain’t a rocker.
  • The one dude who is really thin kinda looks like Jessica Alba in the face. I don’t think it makes me gay, but he’s probably pitching for the other team
  • I liked this version of “Papa was a Rolling Stone.”
  • All Doobie Brothers songs should be banned from the show.
  • Chicklet bothers me still.
  • I like the word nerd’s version of “All Right Now.”
  • Little David A stole the show.
  • The one chick who already had a million dollar record deal can sound a lot like the black haired Wilson from Heart.
  • I really don’t like “Me and Mrs. Jones”
  • The blonde with the guitar is good.
  • The asian chick is super short. I think my 13 year old is taller than she is.
  • The rocker chick needs to go away. She can’t sing anything but Janice.
  • The blonde tomboy is my eye candy for the season.
  • Don’t sing Grease on AI
  • How can Simon have never heard of Magic Man?
  • Asia’h still needs to lose the fucking h in her name.

Seacrest (out!) said they now have the rights to the Beatles catalog which means there will be a Beatles night! Who do you think they get as a mentor? Ringo? Paul? Yoko?

Considering the fact that Apple is about as obvious a sponsor this year as Coke, I wonder if the smart money would be to have Seacrest (out!) announce the Beatles on iTunes the same night has Beatles night on American Idol?

I should be in marketing…