A three hour tour…

Sunday was the Oscars telecast. I watched most of it in a “it’s in the background noise” fashion. I think John Stewart is funny and all, but I hadn’t seen any of the best picture nominees and wasn’t really vested in the show.

I was cruising through my RSS feeds when I stumbled upon Mark Evanier’s idea on how to make the Oscars interesting.

Someone wrote to ask me what I’d do to make the Oscars interesting. Here’s another one of Evanier’s free brilliant ideas that no one will ever do: Leave the show exactly as it is but telecast an alternate version. Over on the ABC Family channel or some other network, run the exact same show with a live commentary track. Get together a couple of comedians — Kathy Griffin, for sure…maybe Lewis Black or Gilbert Gottfried…maybe four or five of them. Get someone who can make catty remarks about the gowns but who isn’t Joan Rivers or Mr. Blackwell. Get someone like Leonard Maltin…no, on second thought, get Leonard Maltin. You need to have at least one person in this who knows about and cares about movies. Then let these people heckle the Academy Awards…or they can comment, annotate, discuss, whatever. So it’s like you’re watching the telecast at a real great party full of witty people.

Viewers who don’t want their Academy Awards despoiled could watch the regular broadcast. Those who don’t wish to see that — and they were not few in number this year — could switch over and watch the party version.

This is such a good idea I don’t know where to begin. It could turn into a trend. The Mystery Science 3000-ing of live television. Can you imagine what Kathy Griffin would say about Gary Busey?