Live to Win

Hillary Clinton, in all her cackling, maniacal, fake blonde, fake smile glory, won three out of four states on Tuesday. Guess what? It doesn’t matter one iota. Barack Obama has won twice as many states, leads in the popular vote and even after Tuesday basically has an insurmountable lead in delegates. And remember, the delegate count is all that matters.

So, whatever the Clinton campaign says, there is no scenario in which Clinton can win the nomination. It’s over.

Of course, we will be subjected to a continued campaign through Wyoming, Mississippi and into Pennsylvania. We may even go through all the way to Puerto Rico in June. However, Clinton cannot overtake Obama in elected delegates. Even if she wins out, she won’t be the winner because she will simply not have the most elected delegates. I guess if she wins out by a 20 point margin in every state she has a shot, but that simply isn’t going to happen.

If we go through June, there is still no way for Clinton to become the nominee unless enough Superdelegates defy the elected delegates/popular vote. If that scenario happens, say hello to your president, John McCain.

This is the year the Democrats should win the presidency and possibly more seats on Capitol Hill. Obama’s 50 state approach helps other democrats running for other offices. Clinton brings nothing to the table for them, especially when others in her campaign dismiss states that don’t, conceivably, help her win the presidency.

I was outraged by the 3 a.m. ad by Clinton and you should be as well. It was a Rove-like Republican fear ad. She went negative first and it always means the campaign is desperate. In fact, McCain should pick up the spot and add his info to the end of it. National security is still a Republican area of expertise in the minds of most voters and Clinton presented an argument if she’s better than Obama, then he’s better than her. Stupid.

If I was Obama, I’d start a campaign of appearing on all the talk shows, Oprah, The Daily Show and SNL with your wife. Remind the American people that you are in a loving, stable and healthy relationship and let the hosts of all the shows remind America that Hillary and Bill would probably not sleep in the same bed if given a chance.

I would denounce her so-called 35 years of experience by simply stating that being married to a powerful man or woman doesn’t mean you get to share in their experience or have their same skill set. Chris Rock said he’s been married to his wife for ten years. If she got up on stage, the audience wouldn’t laugh. Proximity to power does not bleed into your own experience.

If I was the Obama camp, I’d question which Hillary is the real one? The one who loved Tina Fey’s line that “bitch is the new black?” or the one who was self-deprecating about her laugh? The one who whines about the treatment from the media or the one who says she’s a fighter? I’d subtly indicate her mood swings does not make her presidential material.

Barack Obama would handily beat John McCain in a head-to-head match-up, according to a compilation of poll results, while Hillary Rodham Clinton would lose to the likely GOP nominee. I’m not crazy about a McCain presidency, so I implore Clinton to drop out with dignity and do it soon.