A Pirate’s Life For Me

Everyone is bombarded with trashy celebrity images and stories. It’s too easy to look in the aisles of your grocery store or click on the entertainment section of any news website and catch up on who forgot underwear that day or who just broke up with who.

So, when I read a story about a celebrity actually doing something so out of the ordinary it might actually change a life, I’m amazed.

Johnny Depp recorded a personalized message for Sophie Wilkinson, a 17 year old straight-A student who fell into a coma after being critically injured in a car accident five months ago. Desperate to try anything that might bring his daughter back, Wilkinson’s father, Andrew, wrote Depp asking for a message, explaining to Depp that he was his daughter’s favorite actor and Pirates of the Caribbean was her favorite movie. And, of course, Johnny did it. In his Jack Sparrow voice.

Remarkably enough, the young girl began moving her right leg shortly after hearing the recording of Depp. The parents shed tears of joy to know that their daughter has hope of returning to life. Depp was apparently so touched with the letter written to him by Andrew, he committed himself to doing anything necessary to help out a fan and a young girl in need. It is difficult for actors and social icons to answer the calling to all fans, but catering to someone who is truly in need was a noble act that could not have taken more than an hour to perform. The little things in life can mean the world to someone.

I’m reminded of this story regarding Depp having his Jack Sparrow costume shipped overseas to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, where his daughter was treated, so he could tell bedtime stories to the patients.

And to think it all started because he got sucked into a bloody bed in Nightmare on Elm Street.