There will be a ton of websites doing all sorts of jokes today. Take every story with a grain of salt. If the news is too good to be true… it probably is. If you can’t believe what you just read… don’t.

My favorite April Fool’s joke was created by ESPN several years ago. They announced that major league baseball would drop wooden bats and start using aluminum bats. They had several managers, players and ESPN analysts talking all day about this new revelation. It fooled plenty of people.

With baseball season just getting started, I wonder what kind of offense MLB would actually see with aluminum bats. Plenty of homeruns would happen all the time since aluminum bats are far more forgiving than traditional wood bats. It probably would be an unfair advantage to MLB caliber hitting unless fences were moved further back.

Although, one of the chief complaints about MLB (and soccer, too) is the lack of offense. Part of the problem is in most sports the defense can score also. Not so in baseball. More scoring might translate into more casual interest in the game.

Still, hearing the “ping” of a baseball off an aluminum bat isn’t nearly as romantic as the “crack” of a baseball off a wooden bat.

Any fool knows that.