Paperback Writer

I am now officially a contributing writer for Comics Foundry magazine. The gig pays exactly the amount of one copy of the magazine, but that works for me.

If you are wondering what exactly CF is, this review pretty much sums up the magazine. It’s more of a Blender for comics culture. I’m sure Wizard is taking notice.

I love the design elements and how the front half is all short, quick interviews/sidebars/graphics and the back half is longer more in-depth pieces. The interview with Matt Fraction is pretty gosh darn good. The jump from black and white to color made a huge difference.

After the first issue came out, I emailed Editor in Chief/Art Director Tim Leong and offered my services. He gave me a couple of assignments and one of them made the second issue.

Below is what I turned into Tim and under that is a scan of what ultimately made the issue.

Top Five Iron Man Stories You Should Read
By Sean McDevitt

There’s a big budget Iron Man movie coming out this summer and you don’t know the difference between shellhead and shellfish? Pepper Potts from Harry Potter? James and Dusty Rhodes? No worries! CF has got your covered! The following five stories will get you prepared for the latest Marvel movie in no time.

Writer Warren Ellis and the CGI-esque art of Adi Granov set the stage for Iron Man in the 21st century with Extremis. The story works equally well for newbies and old-time readers. Cinematic in scope and execution, Extremis could be the blueprint for the movie. Or its sequel.

Traditionally referred to as the definitive Iron Man story, Demon in a Bottle showcases Tony Stark as he becomes the first super-hero to succumb to the ravages of alcoholism. Still thought-provoking today for its representation of a real disease, Demon is a great example of Marvel successfully pushing editorial boundaries to shocking and thought-provoking effect.

The team of David Michelenie, Mark Bright, and Bob Layton created one of the highlights of the 80s Iron Man with Armor Wars. Stark realizes his top-secret Iron Man tech is being used by various armored villains and heroes. Angered, he sets off on a mission to destroy them and doesn’t care who might be in his way.

One of the best self-contained Iron Man stories, Long Time Gone (Iron Man #78) showcases a reflective Stark contemplating his motivations. Featuring a flashback to Vietnam, the story emphasizes his commitment to being a hero, as he reaffirms to avenge the deaths caused by his company’s weapons and rues the ignorance of his younger days.

Finally, the first appearance of Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39) is a must read for any super-hero fan. Dripping in Silver Age goodness, it tells the story of rich playboy, scientific genius and munitions manufacturer Tony Stark, who is mortally wounded in Vietnam and forced to create a weapon for the Vietcong. Instead, he creates a powerful suit of armor capable of saving his life and helping him escape. I am Iron Man, indeed.

All of these stories are collected in trade paperback form and can found at better quality book and comic book stores everywhere. Happy reading!

I should be in issue #3 too.