Wake me up before you go-go

I’ve been experimenting with sleep.

My bed time nearly always varies, but my awake time varies as well. My goal is to figure out my optimum bed time and awake time for the best possible sleep. Sleep is important to me. Very important.

For most of my working life, my hours were from 8a-5p. In my last position, I was afforded the luxury of working 9a-5p (although I rarely ever left at five). My new position runs 8a-4:30p. I could set it up to work 9a-5p, but since I started working part-time for two or so hours Monday – Friday I’m more interested in getting home sooner. I could also take only a half-hour lunch and leave at 4p, but I tend to run errands over lunch and I don’t think I can finish them in just thirty minutes.

Making the adjustment on getting up has been a bit of a challenge. I’m not running late or anything, but after two weeks of plopping down at my desk at 8a I’m still not moving very fast in the time between “out of bed” and “turn on my computer at work.”

Last night I got into bed at 11p, read until I started crashing, flipped my light and fell asleep. At midnight, the two and a half hours away girl called me to tell me about her son’s trials and tribulations and the crap going on with her ex-husband. We talked for about 30 minutes and I promptly crashed after she crashed talking to me on the phone.

In the dead of night, an earthquake rocked the state and I woke up. I remember waking up, but not much past that. No rumblings and I didn’t fall out of bed like a few people.

At 6:55a my cell phone alarm goes off and splits my head open, but in a good way. I get up and start my routine and amazingly I’m not lethargic. By 7:20a I’m showered, dressed, reviewed my email and was ready to go. A few minutes later, the two and a half hours away girl called me to tell me we had an earthquake. It was a much bigger deal in her neck of the woods than mine.

I arrive early for work, get everything set for my day and… go!

So, the moral of this story is I need an earthquake to help me get a good night’s sleep. I guess that means Cali-for-ni-ayyy here I come.