Precious Declaration

I mentioned in an earlier post that I couldn’t wait to hear Obama’s stump speech going into Indiana and North Carolina. Well, I thought about it a bit more and decided to stretch my own writing skills and pretend I was Obama’s speech writer.

I asked questions of myself trying to get into the head of an Obama speech writer. What exactly would I want to hear if I lived in Indiana or North Carolina to get me to vote for Obama? What language would I use to persuade voters Obama is the right candidate?

Below is what I came up with. I paid special attention on how I think the Obama campaign should paint McCain and especially Clinton. I used phrases he has used in the past, but not necessarily in the same way he has used them in the last several weeks. I subtly (or not so subtly) invoked an Obama presidency in the mind’s of listeners as well as an inevitable stepping aside from Clinton. Lastly, I brought to mind an Obama connection with Indiana and North Carolina which if Clinton used it I expect would generate mirthful laughter.

I know it isn’t filled with detail. I’m not writing a policy position speech. Details come during a question and answer session after the stump speech.

I’d love to read your feedback.


Good people of North Carolina and Indiana, you will have your place in history this long election season. In your hands, the nominee of the Democratic Party can be decided. On May 6th, your vote can change the course of this race forever. You can make a change. You can tell the Clinton Attack Machine and the McCain War Machine no more. You can tell the world America is ready for fundamental change transcending race, gender and politics as usual. You can make that change.

And I’m asking for your vote.

To be sure, the Clinton Attack Machine will ask for your vote as well. Her lieutenants will try and make you believe she’s one of you. She’s not. I don’t know too many blue collar workers who made a 100 million dollars.

Her lieutenants will try and make you believe she will fight for you. When has she ever fought for you? When she was dodging sniper fire? Selling your jobs overseas? Getting millions for ghostwritten books?

Her lieutenants will try and make you believe she’s the better leader. Which campaign is in debt? Which campaign has fired key strategists?

Her lieutenants will try and make you believe she can win in November. She cannot.

The Clinton Attack Machine feels flag pins and sound bites are all that matters in this election. Good people of North Carolina and Indiana, you know what matters.

The war in Iraq
The price at the pump
The economy
The influence of special interests groups and lobbyists in Washington.

An Obama presidency will end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home from a war that should never have been fought and was authorized by the Clinton Attack Machine and the McCain War Machine.

An Obama presidency will look for alternative fuel sources and embrace the leadership and vision of places like the Suburu Plant in Lafayette, Indiana.

An Obama presidency will look to strengthen our economy through strategic partnerships across the world’s stage that invoke cooperation not competition. Remember, it was a Clinton who pushed NAFTA through and it was a Clinton who lost jobs all across the Midwest from Ohio to Missouri.

An Obama presidency will close the door on special interests groups. We will not be in the deep pockets of lobbyists pushing an agenda that isn’t right for the American people.

When Mrs. Clinton steps aside, I have no doubt the Democratic Party will be a united front. We will be united against the McCain War Machine who promises more wars, more bloodshed and more of the same failed policies of George W. Bush. Americans don’t want another four years of politics as usual with the usual suspects behind it all.

Americans want change and they want it now. This year. This moment. Good people of North Carolina and Indiana, it is up to you to vote for that change.

And I’m asking for your vote.

You know, the Clinton Attack Machine and the McCain War Machine like to group states into categories. Big states, little states. Blue states, red states, Important states and unimportant states. States that matter and states that don’t. I know what kind of states Indiana and North Carolina are. They are basketball states. And while bowling might not be my game… basketball certainly is.

I can play tough defense. I can score at will. I can drain it from the arc and I know the only thing that matters is the score at the end of regulation. An underdog can beat an experienced team. And they do it with passion and courage. Skill. And an attitude of “Yes, we can.”

Basketball has its ebb and flow. And just like basketball, the campaign trail has its own ebb and flow. It’s the fourth quarter and my opponent is trying to make a run. I may be leading, but I’m fired up and ready to go.

I believe in the American people to make a change. Yes, we can.
I believe in this country to take back our place on the world stage. Yes, we can.
I believe our finest hour is yet to come and together we will lead into the 21st century. Yes, we can.

Thank you Indiana and North Carolina. Onward to victory and onward to the Presidency. Yes, we can.