School’s Out

I cleaned out my closet this past weekend. It was a huge undertaking. I moved ten long boxes of comics from one end of my closet to the other. I reorganized plastic tubs of sweaters, christmas decorations and old VHS tapes.

Going through some of my old papers, I came across a bit of treasure. In a manilla envelope, my parents had stuffed my report cards from grade school all the way up through college.

I had not seen the grade school reports cards in years and I thought it might be fun to go through them and add some commentary.

1st grade
There are two things I remember: I sucked at math and for some reason I started writing with my left hand which probably hurt my penmanship grade.

2nd grade
Straight Bs. My teacher, Mrs. O, was way better than the stinkin’ nun I had in first grade. I do remember getting into trouble and having to write lines on the chalkboard.

3rd grade
A lot of Bs and Cs this year. I open my report card and a note from my teacher, Mrs. Habing, is inside. The note mentions how happy I made her and she calls me her little “Batman McDevitt.” Somewhere in my papers I have the first story I ever wrote in Mrs. Habing’s class: The Bionic Spider versus the Bionic Fly. Years later I went back to my grade school and spent time talking with Mrs. O and Mrs. Habing. It was such a delight to chat on a more adult level with the both of them.

4th grade
I didn’t remember having multiple teachers in the fourth grade. It was the first year I had a male teacher and I think that made a huge difference. I certainly didn’t end my year in math well though with another D. Yikes.

5th grade
As and Bs across the board. I went from a C to a B+ in math. No doubt, my Dad was helping me. I remember not particularly liking my teacher, Mrs. Rosso.

6th grade
All As and Bs except for a C in math. My teacher Mr. Smethers was a Vietnam vet and he walked with a limp because of shrapnel in his leg.

7th grade
I can tell I was bored out of my head with Reading because I didn’t apply myself one bit and received Cs most of the year. I raised my math score again from a C to a B+ with Dad’s help. My teacher Mrs. Cox said I had a cute personality and a good sense of humor. I think that’s true to this day…

8th grade
As and Bs again across the board except for that C in math. I did raise my spelling grade from a C to an A and I know that had nothing to do with my Dad who more than likely would spell cat with a “k.”

Well, that was an enjoyable trip down memory lane. Lets never speak of this again…