The Future’s so Bright… I Gotta Wear Shades

If you were to ask me my favorite comic book character it would probably be Batman. However, if you were to ask me my favorite super-hero team the answer, without a moment’s hesitation, would be the Legion of Super Heroes.

I have fond memories of going through my Dad’s amazing Silver Age collection and reading Adventure Comics #247, the first appearance of the LSH. Yes, I actually turned the pages with my own fingers and read the comic. By the way, that particular comic is now bagged, boarded and worth about two grand (it would be worth something like seven grand if it was in mint condition, but my grubby hands touched it and it wasn’t in a bag and board for decades. Still, not too shabby a ROI for a dime.).

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Legion of Super Heroes and lots of cool things are happening. There are currently three different versions of the Legion running around the DC Universe. I can’t even begin to tell you how cool this is.

The first one is the team appearing in the ongoing Legion of Super Heroes title. This team, a re-imagining by Mark Waid, is a group of teenage heroes rebelling against a strict society.

The second team running around is a group of legionnaires that appeared in the Justice League of America/Justice Society of America cross-over story entitled The Lightning Saga as well as appearing in the Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes arc in Action Comics. Also, a couple members of this team (Karate Kid and Shadow Lass) stayed behind and were involved in the Countdown miniseries. This group is considered an extension of the traditional Legion team that started way back in that issue of Adventure Comics.

The third team was created in the aftermath of one of the big DC events of a few years ago, Zero Hour. This was a fairly successful book with fantastic science fiction/super hero elements and an up and coming creative team.

More importantly, DC Comics has set in motion a new event called Final Crisis and one of the spin-offs of this universe changing mini-series is entitled, Final Crisis: The Legion of Three Worlds written by one of the most creative writers in the business, Geoff Johns, and drawn by my all time favorite artists, George Perez. Yes, I’m geeking out about this.

The story is under lock and key, but the storyteller in me can’t help but wonder what Johns and DC have in mind for the future. I’m sure it will depend on what happens at the end of Final Crisis. Personally, I have a few ideas I’d love to see happen.

At the end of Final Crisis either the multiverse will be back or we will be back to one single universe for everything. Personally, I’m leaning towards consolidation mostly because the 52 Earths concept pretty much has been used as cannon fodder instead of active future story ideas. Consequently, I think there will be just one Legion, which consolidates the three Legions into one. This would be the awesome (yes, I talk that way when I write…)

The writer in me is wondering how the three Legion’s might be consolidated into one. I’m sure the original Legion will be front and center, but I can’t help but wonder if quality characters like Kid Quantum, Gates, XS and Gear from the Zero Hour version of the team wouldn’t qualify. Also, some of the costumes and characteristics of the Waid version of the team might be fun.

So, if the Legion at the end of Final Crisis/Legion of Three Worlds does become an amalgam of all three Legions what exactly does that mean? Probably some pretty cool stories. I know I could come up with years worth of stories. My first story? Well, I’d establish the book with one of the coolest ideas ever: Recruitment Drive! The name of that first story arc: We Are Legion.

While I may have an idea or two, one thing I know is Geoff Johns is pretty good at turning fanboy ideas into stories. I hope after the miniseries is over he becomes the writer for a new Legion of Super Heroes book. Maybe George Perez would like to come along for the ride?