November Rain

I predicted Barack Obama would be President on November 11, 2005. There’s still the general election to contend with, but I hold firm. Obama will be our next President.

Today, I predict a bloodbath for the GOP of epic proportions in November. Everything I’ve read, seen and heard from both sides of the aisle lean toward the American electorate, “throwing the bums out.”

The recent special elections are harbingers of doom for the Republican Party. They’ve lost three seats which have been firmly in the GOP for decades. No amount of race baiting or liberal bashing made any amount of difference.

Finally, after years of fear-mongering, demagoguery and nearly universal international hatred, the American public have started to wake-up from their general apathy and entertainment overloaded haze (Hey, I’m guilty too…). It’s no surprise to me most Americans can name the three judges on American Idol versus any one judge on the Supreme Court.

However, this year’s race to the White House was actually interesting. Would the black guy from Illinois by way of Hawaii and Kenya actually have a shot against the de facto nominee? Would America’s mayor quit mentioning 9/11 for three sentences in a row? Would the crazy religious nut have a shot at the Republican nomination? Most of these questions were answered by March even if not everyone wanted to listen to the obvious results.

After McCain won the nomination for Presidential candidate, nobody has much cared what he’s doing except when he speaks and either showcases his age or his complete lack of understanding about the realities at home and abroad. All the focus has been on the Democrats choice as Presidential candidate and I think the lull in coverage of the Republicans is telling.

Back to the Democrats, I don’t think I’ve ever followed a campaign so poorly and ineffectually run than Hillary Clinton’s. She consistently made wrong choices all across the board from her campaign theme to Mark Penn to her finances. She attacked her rival in a way only Karl Rove could love and she still couldn’t catch up.

Personally, I never thought she was electable. Not once during the still on-going, but basically over since February race for the Democratic nomination, did the Obama camp start throwing out the kind of attacks the Republicans were chopping at the bit to unleash. However, Clinton pretty much did everything she could to topple Obama short of making herself look bad (and even then she crossed the line once of twice). One of the worsts was the “No… as far as I know” line she used when asked if Obama was Muslim.

Looking to the future, Clinton will bow out before the convention and will probably exit after the Oregon primary. She would have been 12 million dollars richer if she would have done it three months ago. Stupid is as stupid does.

The next interesting bit will be the VP choices. Clinton will not be a serious VP choice for Obama except in the mind’s of the talking heads on TV. I have no idea who McCain might pick, but he will have a chance to counter whomever Obama picks since the Democrat’s convention is first on the calendar.

After the conventions we’ll have a couple of debates which will easily score the differences between McCain and Obama. McCain will be tagged with the “McSame” nickname and Obama will be the upstart outsider out to turn Washington “politics as usual” upside down.

President Bush’s approval rating might even dip lower between now and the election. I expect the percentage of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track will increase

And in November we will have a brand new President to take the oath in January. President Obama.