Nothin’ To Lose

The more talented David won American Idol and I can’t believe it.

I know I called it essentially over on February 28. However, I did take notice of Cook on March 26. So, while I thought Archuleta was going to win, I knew Cook had a shot. Of course, I knew it was going to happen as soon as Simon started apologizing for his remarks the other night.

Before the finale, I was pretty sure Archuleta had the crown especially after the judges gushed all over him last night. In my mind, they almost wanted him to win so they could mold the 17 year old into who they think a 17 year old singer ought to be. They still probably will. I felt kinda bad for Cooky, especially since I agreed with Simon that he shouldn’t have sung Collective Soul and should have gone back to his awesome version of “Hello.”

You know, I didn’t really like little David A, but I was convinced he was going to be the winner early on and felt like the whole race was a moot point. I certainly think it means something for American Idol to have a winner who was obviously going to sell a shitload more units than Archie.

Quick Notes:

  • Cook was having the time of his life playing with ZZ Top.
  • I liked Cook’s Risky Business commercial better than Arculeta’s.
  • I thought “Time of My Life” wasn’t too bad a song for the end.
  • Archuleta got to sing the hit “Apologize” with One Republic. I actually liked him here.
  • Syesha singing “Waiting for You” with Seal showcased how good a singer Seal actually is.
  • Jason Castro gave us an encore performance of “Halleluiah” and I was waiting for him to forget the words the entire time.
  • I still hate the group performances.
  • I thought George Michael was really, really good.
  • I hate the filler even thought I thought the Pips thing was funny.
  • Mike Meyers is the new Robin Williams.

So, at the end of the long, sometimes boring, process we were spared one more cringe-inducing, “Gosh!”