Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

Last night, Barack Obama gathered enough delegates to win the democratic nomination for President. Of course, it was all over in February, but Hillary didn’t get the memo. Now, I read that she’s interested in becoming his vice president.

This is a very bad idea.

Look, Hills, you burned your bridge. Besides, what part of “change” do you not understand? You and Bill do not represent change in the Democratic Party. You represent the old school. Let me break this to you gently… they don’t want you anymore.

Sure, you’ve been coasting along on name recognition all this time and I admit that I’d probably have been okay if you would have become the nominee. However, now I just want you to go away. Believe me, Obama certainly doesn’t want you a heartbeat away from the Presidency and really don’t need Bill puttering around the White House again looking for chubby interns.

Go back to the Senate and take care of business there. Help get Obama elected. Work with him on healthcare issues. Transform yourself from 20th century Dem to 21st century Dem.

Personally, I can’t wait for McCain’s grace period to finally be up. Seriously, nobody’s been watching him make gaffe after gaffe and now that the real race for the Presidency is basically set, I expect the scrutiny upon McCain by the American people will be ruthless.

Of course, the Repubs will try and “Swiftboat” Obama. All the little 527 organizations will put ad after ad out there saying everything from he’s really a closet Muslim to he’s soft on the war on terrorism. (By the way, how can there be a war on a tactic? Stupid Republican Orwellian branding is the answer – War is Peace, Homeland Security = Secret Police.) Anyway, none of it will stick and let me explain why. It’s the economy, plain and simple.

You know your economy is in trouble when rap videos have the gangstas throwing Euros around instead of Benjamins. The American people have had enough of a president and his other oil cronies bankrupting America with a war that cost billions of dollars and more American lives than were lost on 9/11. They don’t want to see gas hit $4-6 dollars a gallon. They don’t want to see their retirement disappear. They don’t want to see their sons and daughters come back in flag draped coffins.

Change is in the air. I don’t think a redux of the failed policies of George Bush will be a winning position. Obviously, the Clintonian endless campaign approach has failed.

I have an idea. How about a grass roots 50-state initiative with enough capital from millions of people who donated as little as $5 to the campaign and lead by a charismatic, thoughtful, energetic man of principles? Sounds like a dream, but its coming true in 2008.

Update: Clinton is now in the bargaining phase of grief, apparently.

Update 2: Obama’s speech. That’s how you present a speech.