OK Computer

I just might have convinced my daughter to buy an Apple laptop. I didn’t do anything except let her play with mine.

For over a year, she’s been saving money toward a new laptop. An HP or a Dell were the brands of choice and I’ve sat back and let her have her way without pushing my pro-Macintosh agenda. After all, it was her money and if she wanted an inferior product I wasn’t going to stop her.

Last weekend, she asked about my MacBook. She gets on it fairly frequently when I’m with her and she likes to play online games over at Nick and Cartoon Network’s home pages, plus she’s all about her Webkindz. She’s familiar with the hierarchy of a Mac and is right at that age where big important decisions like PC vs Mac are made.

She asked if Mac’s were expensive. I said it all depends on if you want quality, dependability and cool software or a cheap, buggy product susceptible to a plethora of dangerous virii. I also added that I had all the software she would ever need that will serve her school work needs and music/internet/games needs.

I asked her if she liked my MacBook more than her Windows-based Dell at her Mom’s house and she reiterated, in the way of a teenager, “Yeahhuhhh!”

Hey Mr. Jobs! I think I made a sale for you.