I don’t want to spoil the party

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag.

The flavor of the Doritos Quest chips is lime. Yes, lime flavored Doritos. The taste sensation was as if you took a really stale Dorito and then squirted lime juice into your mouth. It was possibly one of the most horrible things I’ve voluntarily ate and that’s saying something because I’ve eaten cracked-on-my-forehead raw eggs, a mixture of warm beer and Quaker Oates and my own boogers.

My daughter and I thought the marketing of the product was fun. Let’s guess the flavor! Of course, the whole campaign is set up so that you don’t do what, I’m guessing here, a great many people would do if they came out with Lime Doritos – throw up a little in their mouth.

My kid had one chip and promptly spit it out into her hand, rolled down the window and sent the half chewed foodstuff out into the wild. I, foolishly, kept eating them and also kept remarking just how terrible these things were. She kept telling me to quit eating them, but for some strange reason I was compelled to finish the experience.

Seriously, don’t try them. Unless, you know, you like lime juice and Doritos. For you, it will be like manna from Heaven. For me, it was shit in a bag. Yum!