We’re Stars

I don’t remember why I picked up the first trade of Starman, but I loved it. I promptly bought the second one and did a bit of research on the order of the trades and what they contained.

Basically the Starman trades run like this:

1. Sins of the Father (collects #0-5)
2. Night and Day (collects #7-10, 12-16)
3. A Wicked Inclination (collects #17, 19-27)
4. Times Past (collects #6, 11, 18, 28, Annual 1, Secret Files)
5. Infernal Devices (collects #29-35, 37,38)
6. To Reach the Stars (collects Annual 2, #39-41, 43, 45)
7. A Starry Knight (collects #47-53)
8. Stars My Destination (collects #55-60)
9. Grand Guignol (collects #61-73)
10. Sons of the Father (collects #75-80)

However, several of these are out of print, and they’re missing issues #36, 42, 44, 46, 54, 74, and the 80-page Giant.

For the last few years I’ve been trying to find the out of print third trade before I purchased the rest. I’ve looked every year at Wizard World Chicago and it was nowhere to be found. Consequently, I went years without reading more than the first two trades of Starman all the time hearing how awesome the entire 80 issue run is.

Now, DC has released the Starman Omnibus collecting 0-16 and plan on releasing five more collections of the series. While they are definitely pretty to look at, the $50 price tag is a bit steep Of course, it might be the only way to get the entire run.

I smell Christmas presents…