Can I Play With Madness?

I’m not really here.

Right now I’m in Chicago for Wizard World and enjoying every freakin’ second of it. I’m soaking it all in. I love the smell of geek in the morning.

Blogger’s ability to post-date means I can write days or weeks in advance and have them show up on the blog far into the future. It’s a pretty cool feature. It means I’m writing this post on Wednesday and it will appear on Friday when I’m knee deep in geekiness. Also for your reading pleasure, I’ll have an extended Surfin’ Safari on Saturday that I hope you all dig. Those looking for visual excitement of my travels (and I know there are at least two of you out there…), I’m planning on posting the digital diary of photographic evidence on Sunday. Expect fat people in spandex.

Back to sweet home Chicago…this go ‘round one of my favorite writers is the guest of honor. Warren Ellis only does one convention a year and this year he’s in Chicago to smoke and drink a lot of Red Bull. He’ll also sign a lot of books; probably a few of mine.

One of the things I’m struggling with is just which books do I want to have Mr. Ellis sign? I’d probably be happy with just his autograph on his recent novel, Crooked Little Vein. However, he’s written several fantastic graphic novels and comics and so I’m flummoxed on what I should bring.

The easy answer is to bring all of it and have him sign the stack. Well, that is, how should I put this, dickish. I’ve been behind people who give creators huge stacks of comics and they are universally hated. So, no I won’t be bringing everything I own.

Also, a consideration is the fact artist Jacen Burrows will be in attendance. Burrows has collaborated on several projects with Ellis with a notable example being the graphic novel Scars. I can have Ellis and Burrows both sign my copy. I’ve met Jacen before and he’s a great guy and a talented penciller.

The most recent work from Ellis that I’ve been really enjoying is an online comic called Freakangels. Unfortunately, I can’t get him to sign any of that work since it’s currently only residing on that magical series of tubes called The Internets. I think you might be able to find it if you use The Google.

One of my current favs is Black Summer. It’s his take on super heroes in the real world telling the American public their elected officials are full of shit and need to be executed and then going right ahead with that plan. I, personally, like the image of a dead President Bush on the cover of #1. It’s sufficiently bloody and strangely cathartic. The book is only out in floppy form, so I’ll probably bring those issues.

Planetary is probably my favorite work he’s done ever and I have trades and individual issues. I’m leaning towards bringing the trades, but I might bring issue one for him to sign.

And that’s enough. A novel, four graphic novels and some single issues. I’m still missing a ton of great stuff like Authority, Iron Man and Switchblade Honey. Alas, I’m many things, but being a giant dick in the autograph line isn’t one of them.

See you in the funny papers.