My Flip Ultra is teh hawesome

Before my trek north to the land of Cubbie blue and deep dish pizza to attend Wizard World Chicago, I purchased a Flip Ultra digital video camera. It’s truly a marvel of simplicity and design. In short, I love it.

I wasn’t really in the market for a digital video camera until I saw a review of all the inexpensive “YouTube” type video cameras and I was hooked. The Flip Ultra performed flawlessly in their tests and after noticing the price tag of $130, I had to get one.

I already posted some of my Wizard World Chicago clips to the blog. I’m still amazed how simple it is to use and how great the audio and video actually is.

So this weekend, when I spend it with three of my favorite ladies as we celebrate my birthday a month late, I will be shooting digital video to later blackmail them and put on the internet.

I foresee near nakedness, too much drunkeness and lots of hands in front of faces a la the paparazzi. Coming soon!