Reading Railroad, Part 1

I like magazines. Sometimes I even get to sling words together and write for one. In my sordid past, I actually was an Associate Editor of one.

So, you see, I dig magazines.

However, I’m going through a “purge and order” like magazine subscriptions were a giant bowl of spaghetti and I’m suffering from anorexia. The reason is because I just don’t always find the time to read them.

Is this because I have no time? Well, I’m sure that’s part of the problem, but I’m thinking I don’t read my magazines because I’m not being entertained/enlightened/informed by what I find between the covers. Currently, I have subscriptions to Wizard, Geek Monthly, Macworld, Mac | Life and Radar. Of course, I’m getting comps of Comic Foundry and every once in a while I’ll pick up a copy of Rolling Stone.

Here’s what happens when each of these subscriptions arrive at Casa del Sean: I quickly thumb through it and then lay it on my coffee table or drop it into the bathroom. I occasionally read an article or two in Wizard, Geek and Radar, but not the whole thing cover to cover. I haven’t read an article in either of my Mac mags in months.

Consequently, I’m making a change. As soon as my subscriptions run out, I’m dropping Wizard and the two Mac magazines and picking up Details, Complex and Wired.

Dropping Wizard is something I’ve thought about in the past. I’ve even thought up ways to fix the sophomoric mix of news releases, interview puff pieces and what is supposed to be humor. With the advent of Comic Foundry, I’ve found a new and exciting entry into comic journalism that seems much more up my alley. It must be since I’m freelancing for it. Buh bye Wizard. Time to cast you off like Clooney casts off Vegas showgirls.

Details seems like a better fit for me than GQ, Men’s Vogue or Esquire. The assistant art director of Complex is the publisher of Comic Foundry and he’s put together some great articles and photo shoots that caught my eye. Lastly, I’m getting Wired simply because I can get 12 issues for $8, I’ve never read it before and I’m wanting to branch out a bit.

Thoughts from the peanut gallery??