Reading Railroad, Part 2

I have a huge pile of comics and comic book trade paperbacks to read. This is both a blessing and a curse.

I really only have a few hobbies that cost me money and the hookers and blow just had to go. The economy and all that… So, I’m down to reading comics and right now I’m overloaded.

Part of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Wizard World Chicago. I went to the show intent on not buying very much and came home with a pile of trades. Of course, I didn’t pay full price for any of them (mostly 33-50% off) and I only bought stuff I was really interested in reading except maybe the first trade of Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers, but that was strictly on a whim. I also purchased a bunch of Doktor Sleepless issues at the Avatar booth so Warren Ellis could sign them and my other books.

Still, the pile has grown since Chicago. I had ordered the American Flagg! hard cover and it came in last week. I broke down and purchased the Superman and The Legion of Super Heroes arc in hard cover because of all the positive comments about the story. Plus, I love the Legion. I also grabbed the oversized hard cover of Vaughn’s Runaways from the library because, frankly, I never read it and everyone says it’s one of the best books he ever wrote/created.

You know, if the industry would just quit creating groundbreaking (DMZ, American Flagg!), thought-provoking (Transmetropolitan), entertaining (Goddland) or a combination of all three (Scalped, Criminal, Y The Last Man), I could go back to hookers and blow.