The Gallows Poll

There’s a national poll that has McCain and Obama virtually tied. Cue the scary music.

It means nothing.

The presidential race is about the states. That’s why Ohio, Indiana and Florida are important. There are a ton of swing states that could go one way or another. In fact, there are swing states this election season that have never been swing states before. Obama has the money to campaign and advertise in those states. McCain does not.

McCain can’t afford to lose any states that are purple. My guess he’s going to lose some of them. Looking at state by state polling and the electoral college numbers and Obama is beating the tar out of McCain.

Still, the Rovian tactics are starting to break through. As supremely idiotic the ads are, and they are supremely idiotic, they started the national conversation about being “presumptious” and others of a far less mental and moral standard to start using that wonderful term, “uppity.”

Aside from the fact you had better have some cojones to run for President, wouldn’t it be nice if the guy (or girl) acted “Presidential,” had actual plans for the country’s woes, wasn’t utterly reviled internationally, didn’t wear $500 shoes and call his opponent elitist and didn’t look like a desperate also-ran?

Still, Obama will quickly move past this news cycle of celebrity and tire gauges with an announcement that should have him dominate the political scene: Evan Bayh as his running mate. I’m guessing it will be Wednesday right before the Olympics are scheduled to start on Friday. He’ll have all the momentum going into the news cycle, will stay the top news story until the Olympics start and then he’ll run a ton of commercials during the Olympics.

Remember, the commercials the Obama campaign have already bought and paid for aren’t regional spots. He’s bought national commercial time. That hasn’t happened in years.

I have no idea what those spots will feature, but I can guess it will be an introduction of the Obama-Bayh ticket, his energy plan spot and hopefully a spot or two that ties McCain to Bush like his voting record, issue flip flops and featuring that great hug picture or maybe the birthday picture while Katrina was hitting New Orleans.

Barack Obama has bought national commercial time on the Olympics, one of the few times regular folks tend to get really patriotic.

Watch that national number change after the conventions and the debates.