Reading Railroad, Part 4

Buying books of non-fiction has never been something I’ve ever been inclined to do on any kind of regular basis. It’s not that I don’t like non-fiction, I just generally get that kind of material in short bursts like a magazine article.

I’ve toyed with buying and reading Obama’s two books, Bill Clinton’s latest book and a few others in the political spectrum, but after reading a scathingly hilaroius article by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, I just had to look for his latest book, The Great Derangement.

I have to admit, I haven’t cracked the cover yet. Getting into the right mindset is crucial. The book covers the American landscape in a way I’ve always thought was true, but never could actually believe was true. Taibbi spent time with the infamous batshit crazy Cornerstone Church of Rev. Hagge, batshit crazy 9/11 conspiracy groups and batshit crazy US governmental procedures.

Kevin Smith has a couple of collections of writing that I think really showcase his style, point of view and wit. Kevin is funny, dirty and loyal. I have his collections and have read bits and pieces out of each, but I haven’t read them cover to cover.

Because of the cover and title, Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City, made me take a look at the book and then the rest of Klosterman’s output. I devoured his books and I’m looking for more collections.

For a while now, I’ve been a fan of Robert Rodriguez. I think he became a blip on my radar screen about the same time as Tarantino, which should be no surprise. RR has an uncanny ability I’d like to emulate: going from family entertainment to distinctly non-family entertainment. Yes, this is the same writer/director of all the Spy Kids movies and the El Mariachi movies.

through his five-minute film school segments on his DVD releases, I’ve found the guy to be a modern day renaissance man. He does just about every job on a movie set sans acting (writing, directing, lighting, cinematography, SFX) plus he composes music and built his own giant green screen studio and special effects studio.

So, I’ve been sitting on Rodriquez’s book, Rebel without a crew, for a bit. I’m sure I’m going to get some juicy tidbits and asides in the same vein as his five-minute film school segments, but it’s just sitting on my bookcase headboard with all the other books I’m supposed to read.

I don’t have a bookshelf in my bedroom anymore, but my poor bookshelf headboard is getting covered in books. Perhaps I ought to start reading them.