Google Reader is teh hawesome

I’ve realized that I read way too many blogs/websites/etc. Actually, what I do is subscribe to too many feeds in my Google Reader.

On a typical day, I receive about 60 new posts in my reader per hour. That, my friends, is just too damn much and I’m reduced to viewing headlines in List view and just mass deleting things I have zero interest in and starring the stuff I want to pay a bit more attention to later. I’m thinking that might not be the best use of my time.

I loves me my Google Reader. It has changed the way I use and interact with the Internet every day, but I’ve got to get a handle on things. I quickly ran through my subscriptions and found I had 270. I whittled that down by twenty by deleting ones that had not been updated through the middle of July.

I’ve already categorized them all and some I’ve multi-categorized, but then I realized it didn’t make things any easier when I multi-categorized subscriptions, so I deleted the extra categories for each subscriptions and suddenly my hourly number dropped.

I still need to go through everything and delete more subscriptions, but it’s a start. I haven’t even thought about sharing any of my items and I wonder if anyone would actually care.

I’m interested in how you all use the internet. Do you use RSS Feeds and a Reader? Do you just surf your favorite spots and that’s it? Any ideas from the peanut gallery on how to efficiently use RSS and Google Reader?

Let me know.