Gaming the System

For pretty much a year now, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my old, outdated iMac. After purchasing a MacBook, the slower iMac just didn’t have the speed, power or coolness factor I needed in my daily life… especially the coolness factor… However, I just didn’t know what to do with the thing.

My daughter had no use for it. My parents have a better eMac machine. I probably could have sold it to the local Apple fix-it shop, but it just didn’t feel like the right thing to do. I had to have some use for it.

For a while I had it cabled up to my internet, but my daughter said it was too slow. I thought I might be put to use as a great place to burn DVDs, but the speed was a factor and it tended to make coasters.

So, I took it off my desk and hid it in my closet for a while. It didn’t look good in there. It needed to be used.

What I really like about my old iMac are the speakers. My MacBook speakers really aren’t all that great. The DVD player worked pretty good. The sound system wasn’t too bad. Maybe I could turn it into some sort of multimedia center…

So, I pulled it back out, set it up on my desk and proceeded to erase everything on the hard drive. I had a ton of crap on the computer and anything worthwhile I’d long ago already moved to the MacBook.

In the meantime, I saw where someone had created a sit-down gaming table using an old Mac and MacMAME. What a great idea. I had a bunch of MacMAME 80s arcade games on a CD or DVD somewhere…

Today, I have a multimedia center on my desk in the form of my old iMac. I can watch DVDs on it, I’m in the process of moving all my music to an 100GB external drive attached to it and its an arcade. I can blast Def Leppard Pyromania in iTunes and play Galaga and relive my misspent high school years at the local mall dropping quarters left and right.

Now, all I need is a watered down coke, stale popcorn and a girlfriend named Jenny who used to wear my class ring, covered in yarn so it would fit, on her finger and my journey towards the 1980s would be complete.