Raise your hands if your SHURE

I have new headphones and I think they are the best earbuds I’ve ever used in my life. The SHURE SE110 are by far the most expensive earbuds I’ve ever bought and the quality is worth the price.

The default earpieces made the sound quality “tinny” and I was, at first, an unhappy customer. However, as I investigated further I found the earpiece comes with a couple different types of canal pieces and in a couple different sizes. I removed the large foam default ear canal pieces and put on the smallest rubber pieces and the sound difference was obvious.

The claim to fame of these headphones is the noise reduction and it works like I’ve never experienced. I have the volume at about 50% and I can’t hear the click of the keyboard as I type these words.

My former headphones tended to get completely tangled and I would spend time detangling them before listening. The SE110 just don’t get tangled. One reason is the two piece construction which is a nice added feature.

For me, the headphones have to be positioned just right in my ear canal to get maximum benefit of the outside noise reduction feature and so I don’t like taking the headphone out of my ears once I have them set.

I doubt you will either.

Great product. Relatively steep price. You get what you pay for them. One of my better purchases.