What I Want

In my own little world, I used to think actresses such as Jennifer Garner, Kerri Russell and Rachel Bilson would be perfect girlfriends for a variety of reasons. In fact, I’m sure Rachel and I would make the perfect couple. Okay… maybe not.

Regardless of my unlikely celebrity pairings, I’ve been thinking about the qualities I want in a partner/girlfriend/etc. and I just started free form writing them down as they come to me.

Love. Unconditional love is the hardest thing to find. I’d like to meet someone and “grow in love.”
Chemistry. If we do not have any chemistry together, it will not last
Communicate. We have to communicate on every level. Verbal and non-verbal.
Respect. I will respect you in the morning and every morning.
Passion. I want passion in my life. I will want to be passionate with you.
Intelligence. I was never into dumb blondes.
Sexiness. I have to find you incredibly sexy. You have to turn me on with a look.
Attractiveness. I have to find you incredibly attractive. You may think of yourself as plain or normal, but I will always find you attractive.
Physical. I have a type, but I don’t always stick to it. I like athletic, petite girls. An attractive face goes a long way with me. I like long legs and heart-shaped butts and I am not much of a boob man.
Patience. You have to have infinite levels of patience with me. You will get the same in return.
Kissing. I like to kiss and I’m a good kisser. If you don’t and aren’t, it won’t work.
Public Displays. I will hold your hand, surprise kiss you and hug you in public. These are requirements of the job.
Balance. I want someone who will complement me. Although, compliments are nice too.
Geek. I am a bit of a geek. It would be nice if you thought the geeky parts of me were sexy and cool. Or at least not ridiculously stupid.
Mood. I will never find this, but mood swings are not attractive.
Books. I like books and bookstores. I want someone who enjoys browsing a bookstore for hours.
Movies. I like movies. I want to watch a movie with you and then discuss it for hours afterward over coffee.
Music. I like a lot of different music from jazz to hairbands. You will probably hate some of it. The reverse will be true. I might also like something I’d never heard before that you make me listen to.
Money. Money is not the root of all evil. The lack of money is. Having enough money is important.
Shopping. I will go shoe/purse shopping with you, if you go to the comic book store with me.
Knick-Knacks. I do not like a lot of clutter. A display cabinet for your collectibles is fine. A room devoted to them is not.
Dancing. I like going to see a band and dancing. This doesn’t happen all the time, so its special when it does. I like slow dancing.
Independent. My significant other should have her own interests, hopes and dreams. It is my job to be your partner in attaining them.
Goals. I’d like to have someone goal-oriented. They may never achieve their goal, but continue to strive for it.
Parental. They would be another adult in my daughter’s life, so they must love kids.
Family. Having a great relationship with your family is important. A strained relationship with family means strained relationship with me.
Support. I need my partner to support me. You will get the same in return.
Infidelity. I have never cheated on anyone in my life. I have been cheated on repeatedly.
Stability. Emotional stability is important. It is difficult to achieve.
Open. I need someone who is open to new things and experiences.
Happy. Everyone is as happy as they make up their minds to be. I need someone happy and content in their lives who wants someone to share it with.
Belief. I want to be with the girl who believes in me. Not my potential. Not some magical idea of me, but just me.
Work. A relationship is hard work. I want to work on it together.

What have I forgotten? This girl doesn’t exist does she…