“…the most profoundly sad choice of my adult life…”

It might be a little late, but I thought this was a fantastic snapshot of the election from a movie blog of all places. Dave Poland’s The Hot Blog is primarily about movies, but he throws in a political nugget or two. I thought this was a nice diatribe on the whole “Did McCain cheat during the Warren Church-thing” crap that was going around before Grandpa McSimpson couldn’t remember how many houses he owned… or which vehicle he drives…

It doesn’t matter whether McCain sat in the front row of the Obama section of the public chat the other night. And it doesn’t matter if media thinks McCain or Obama “won.” What matters is that Obama answered the questions directly and with thought and McCain stump speeched his way through an past almost every question.The question of this election becomes clearer… does America want a thinker in the presidency or a guy who tells stories that are well off point, throwing out plattitudes, some lies, and distraction? They wanted the latter for the last two elections. They may prefer it this time. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, if McCain wins, it will be the most profoundly sad choice of my adult life of elections (this is my 7th cycle). W is nothing in comparison… because Gore and Kerry were true car wrecks as candidates. Obama can only lose to lies. Of course McCain is locked into 40% of the vote. But the rest? To push away from a candidate of ideas and sincerity based on utter crap about being too thoughtful and too smart and too popular?

Then again, on spite of endless Republican spin, McCain has not make significant incursions into Obama’s poll numbers anymore than Hillary Clinton had a way to win the nomination after losing Texas’ delegate count. But the lie can be powerful. And it is time for the left to start calling out the lies instead of cowering like a child who fears another unexpected beating.