Man Up

I created this site and wrote my posts/reviews/observations/links/etc because I wanted to have an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings. For me, this website/blog was to be a reflection of my interests, what makes me happy, what I think is cool. However, lately it seems to be the place for me to rant and rave about how much my life sucks.

No more.

I’m tired of going back and reading woe is me shit in my archives. I’m tired of writing woe is me shit on a daily or weekly basis. I’m not ashamed of those posts and maybe a year from now I’ll look back and smile at my “dark diary” period, but my head hurts and I don’t want to be down in the dumps anymore.

My favorite band is KISS, not Nirvana. Gene Simmons says, “Life is good. I don’t want to write songs about how terrible everything is. Every day above ground is a good day.” He’s right. I don’t want to live like “All Apologies.” I want to live like “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

So, I’m going to do two things:
1. The pity party stops. I loved and lost. Man up and move on.
2. I’m going to write about stuff that makes me happy.

What does that mean? Expect more reviews and more creative writing. Expect more ruminations on the world outside. Expect more commentary on the entertainment that gets my juices flowing be it movies, television, comics, books or blogs. I might not post every day, but I will be writing.

This place no longer is the receptacle of my “high-school-ish -why-doesn’t-she-love-me-anymore” bullshit. I’m done. So fucking done. With that shit.

I bet you are too.