I have to admit I love doing the M.C.F.A.T., or Mysterious Cloaked Figure’s Astonishing Test, that the mysterious one likes to add to his website every now and then. It stretches my creative muscles and allows me to answer unique and probing questions.

Please continue to drop these memes on a semi-regular basis. I know I look forward to them and I hope my readers (as well as yours) do as well.

1) At what point would you say some of your favorite shows ”jumped the shark”, and did you continue watching them anyway?
Some of my favorite shows actually got better over time (Star Trek TNG, Friends, Babylon 5, etc). Some shows just never grabbed me after a few episodes, but I don’t consider them jumping the shark. Still, a few former favorite shows found themselves off of my Tivo (or not) and here are my jump the shark moments and why I stopped watching.

24 – The nuclear explosion north of Los Angeles last season was the last straw for me. There would be massive panic and I didn’t get any of that. I finished the season, but I don’t think I’ll be watching this year.

Alias – I’m thinking it jumped when Sydney’s mother came back from the dead. Lots of plot holes and inconsistencies throughout. I own just the first two seasons of Alias and that’s good enough for me. I did keep watching though. Mostly for Jennifer Garner.

ER – The death of Mark Greene. There just wasn’t enough left for me to really grab onto. I think I watched the next season or so after, but it was joyless and I dropped it.

Original 90210 – Anything after they graduated high school. I continued to watch, but it just wasn’t the same.

Dawson’s Creek – Anything after the first 13 episodes. I own the first season of DC on DVD and its’s a great mini-series. I watched until the end and was a little sad by the choices of the writers.

WCW/WWF Monday Night Shows – As soon as Vince McMahon purchased WCW it was all over for me. Not because I loved WCW, I just got tired of pro wrestling.

The Real World – Puck eating peanut butter out of the jar with his fingers/Death of Pedro. I think this is the third season. The show became a parody of itself with subsequent airings. I watched a few of the seasons after, but it was pretty much a waste of my time.

The West Wing – Anything after Rob Lowe’s character left. I continued to be totally entertained, but it was a different show after that point.

2) What was your greatest pain, and how did it change your life?
My first inclination is to say my eye accident that left me blind in my right eye and it certainly might have been number one until I got divorced. Divorce sucks. Mine was relatively easy and it still hurt for years. We tried to work it out and were separated for a good long time before finalizing everything. It affected my entire life and how I continue to bring up my daughter. The good thing is I think she might be stronger because of it. However, it makes me gun-shy about marriage.

3) What are three of the worst things you’ve ever done?
1. I broke up with a girl to go back out with my ex-girlfriend who ultimately became my ex-wife. I’ll never know what would have happened with that girl.

2. The summer after I graduated college, I went out to a local bar to watch a friend’s band play. In school, I was drinking just about every weekend. Of course, I could simply walk home from where the party was. This night I was drinking like I had been in college and was easily over the legal limit. As the night ended, I headed to my car and realized I probably shouldn’t drive. Now, I was simply right turn, left turn, right turn, right turn, home and I took an enormous amount of care as I drove home, but after that moment I scared myself enough to be smarter in the future.

3. I wrote this answer at work when I should be writing something completely different.

4) Are there any habits or rituals you engage in on a daily basis? How do they assist or harm your life?
I don’t have any really weird or abnormal rituals or habits. I used to read before going to bed and I need to start that back up again. Lets see, I plug my phone in usually…
I started to make coffee every morning to bring to work. I like coffee.

I park in the same spot, usually, at work. This is seriously boring.

I check Google Reader alot. It pulls me away from real work, but gives me internet goodness. I like internet goodness.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: What is the significance of 926535?
Isn’t that a halved avocado?