The Idiot Box

It’s September and the Fall television season is finally upon us. I’m still catching up with my Tivo’d Burn Notice episodes, but I did catch the premiers this past week of a few of the shows I’ve decided to watch this season.

My goal is to average out about two hours of television a night and I think that’s a pretty do-able goal.

I remember in my crazy youth when Monday night meant watching WCW and WWF back to back to see what crazy storyline TPTB would dictate. I haven’t watched wrestling since Vince bought WCW.

I also used to watch a lot of sitcoms, but not anymore. My favorite sitcom is How I Met Your Mother, which immediately sucked me not so much with the premise, but with the totally relatable characters. I’m happy this struggling sitcom is doing well enough in the ratings to stay in the air.

I think most agree the last season of Heroes was a disappointment. I blame the strike and the writers bringing in unneeded characters sacrificing story time for the large cast we already like.

I’ve always been a sucker for teen angst drama, but never got into Gossip Girl. I came late to One Tree Hill as well, but I love the characters and situations that are direct descendants of The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek. I have a conflict with Heroes/One Tree Hill, but last year the CW replayed OTH on Sunday’s and I expect if I miss it Monday’s my Tivo will pick it up late in the week.

House is another show I came late to, but quickly made it one of my must see shows every week. I was glad they moved away from the weird illness of the week shows, but it was a bit odd seeing how the show dealt with the large cast. I haven’t heard how they are going to address the cast, but I think they are going to have to do something.

I saw the pilot episode of Fringe already. The premise is a little X-Files-ish, but the execution is fun and I enjoyed the pilot a great deal. I think this show has a great deal of potential.

Tuesday night is The Shield. The best drama on television demands your attention when you watch it. You can’t be a passive follower. I’ve seen the final season premier and I can see the train careening down the track to a likely crash. I will be truly sad when this goes off the air.

I might be wrong on the timing of this, but I think FX will drop Nip/Tuck in The Shield’s slot when Vic and the gang go to great gangland shootout in the sky. I love Nip/Tuck and last season’s finale was a shocker.

One aspect of The CW that I dig is their willingness to have encore presentations of episodes later on in the week. 90210 will get the double drop and my Tivo will pick it up today than on it’s normal Tuesday night where I have a conflict with Fringe. I actually dug the two-hour pilot of the new 90210 even though I’m certainly not the target audience. I’m sure I’ll keep watching unless it really starts to suck.

I’m pretty sure Lost will premiere on Wednesdays, but I don’t think it will conflict with the 90210 encore.

Smallville is one of those shows that I didn’t watch initially, started watching later in it’s run and then dropped off my Tivo. Last season, the machinations of the various plots were gimmicky and boring. I, of course, loved Laura Vandervort as Kara Zor-El, but she’s only appearing in a few episodes this season. It looks like this season is going to turn into Lois and Clark-The Early Years and I’m not sure about that just yet.

There is nothing I watch on Friday nights. Although, I’m pretty sure Battlestar Galactica will pick up on this night next year. Dollhouse might also find a home on this day and I’m really interested in Whedon show.

I still watch SNL and hope for something amazing. I rarely get it, but hope springs eternal. Additionally, I came exceedingly late to Mad Man and Family Guy. I’ve Tivo’d the second season of Mad Men and I’m trying to catch up. Family Guy had a terribly inconsistent season last year and I’m hoping Seth and the writers can come back with a much stronger season and not dilute the product with the Cleveland spin-off, of which I could not care less.

So, that’s my TV this Fall. Thoughts?