Fatty fat fatso

I’m so fat right now and it’s really bothering me.

The last time this happened I went on a low carb diet and lost 60 or so pounds in about six to eight weeks. I didn’t even think about working out. I have to do something. So, I’m implementing the new diet and work-out plan.

Monday through Sunday
Low carb – 20g of carbs a day. I did it before. I’ll do it again. Lots of meat – hamburger, pork and chicken. Lots of broccoli and cheese. I might add more vegetables/fruit that aren’t super low carb. Gotta figure out my breakfast – sausage patties maybe? The salad for lunch thing works, but man it gets old. I’ve been adding an apple to my lunch to off-set any afternoon hunger. On the weekend, I will try to maintain the low carb diet, but if I eat something bad its okay. For example, popcorn at the movies.

Stop Eating Crap
I’ve decided, like I pretty much did last time I did this, that the three Cs (chips, candy, cookies) have to go. I get on kicks with Fritos or Doritos and can’t stop eating them and then at some point they don’t taste good anymore. I had Doritos not too long ago because I was really craving them and after I ate the bag I felt yucky and they didn’t taste all that great to begin with. I’ll crave a candy bar, eat one and then feel totally unsatisfied (to bad Snickers). Cookies are the same way. I can’t buy them at the store or at work.

I also have to stop eating at fast food joints. I’ve been doing a bit better with that as of late, but, again, I got on a kick about eating at McDonald’s because it sounded good and then it left me unsatisfied. In contrast, I ate at this little place in the mall that serves Bourbon Chicken on fried rice and I loved every bite. So, if I’m going to eat crap I’m going to have to at least REALLY enjoy it, do so in moderation and maybe only once a week.

My Portions are Whack
I can’t do portion sizes. So, doing Atkins Low Carb works really well for me. I can eat a pound of bacon and not worry about it… except a pound of bacon is exactly heart healthy so I doubt I do something like that. Still, I love that I can eat all the meat I want, add in some low carb veggies like broccoli with cheese and go to town.

So, that’s my new slim down plan. When I was super strict, I lost weight. I need to lose weight. Any good plans out there?