Buckcherry Black Butterfly Review

It’s obvious to me that trying to follow-up the multi-platinum come-back album 15 was a daunting task for the members of Buckcherry. Unfortunately, the new album, Black Butterfly, doesn’t have a track as good as “Crazy Bitch” or “Sorry,” but they certainly try to rebottle some of that lightning. The result is a mixed bag.

Rescue Me
– A pretty generic rocker. Although, I really like the break and bridge before the chorus.

Tired of You
– I like the melody of the stanzas, but I’m not sure the rhyming scheme of medicine and head again works. The guitar chords are “I Hate Myself for Loving You” which is kind of annoying.

Too Drunk... – Add fuck to the song lyrics doesn’t always work. This is so trying to be a follow-up to “Crazy Bitch” and it sort of works. It’s not the same style as “Crazy Bitch,” but it is going for the same vibe. It’s a bit blusey and I think the boys had fun recording it, but it’s just okay for me.

Dreams – What makes Buckcherry stand out among the cacophony of rock acts is Todd’s voice. When he sings in a normal register he sells the lyrics nicely and when he hits the chorus and “rocks out” a bit, he takes it to the next level. One of my favs.

Talk to Me – I think I’ve heard this song before by Buckcherry. They always have a song that is driving with a melody that is straightforward. I didn’t really buy the chorus and the “kiss you right between your thighs” is kinda rock and roll cliche 101.

A Child Called “It” – Interesting subject matter. Unremarkable song. Bored out of my skull.

Don’t Go Away – Here’s “Sorry” Part 2. The lyrics are a bit high school-ish, but it works. It will be a big hit.

Fallout – Not a fan of the opening where it completely changes. Completely forgettable. Barely a hook.

Rose – When Buckcherry goes bluesy, it usually works. The chorus is catchy. The guitar work here fits perfectly with what they are trying to do with the song.

All of Me – Complete disaster. I don’t mind a band doing something different, if it’s cool and interesting. This isn’t cool nor interesting. I keep waiting to hear a ukelalie… oh wait there it is. Crap.

Imminent Bail Out – This should have been track one, although it works as the track after the crap of “All of Me.” It just rocks out in typical Buckcherry fashion.

Cream – I have no idea what the lyrics are talking about. Lots of time changes and pretty bluesy, but I’m not sure where the song is going or what it’s trying to say.

Overall, not nearly as good as 15 or even Time Bomb. Too Drunk will probably be a hit as well as Don’t Go Away, but it doesn’t quite have enough good songs to go past that. It probably won’t matter.