“Get Yerself Kissed!”

Obviously, I’ve been on a KISS kick as of late.

I get made fun of because I’m a KISS fan. I admit I have a framed poster of the famous “KISS on top of the Empire State Building” shot and some of Paul Stanley’s abstract artwork also framed (which I’d love even if it wasn’t Paul Stanley doing the painting) in my bedroom. For close to one year, my daughter, the two and a half hours away girl and myself put together a KISS Destroyer cover puzzle and I used to have that framed and on my wall too.

I have most of the KISS books you can buy at your local Borders and the latest DVD releases. I have some bootleg recordings, pretty much every official musical release and a KISS calendar. My cellphone ring is “King of the Nighttime World,” but I’m not sure where my McFarlane KISS action figures are hiding. I met Gene Simmons once.

So, I’m a KISS fan. However, I don’t use KISS condoms or have a KISS Kaskit on layaway. My Visa card isn’t a KISS Visa. No KISS wine. I don’t own everything that has been slapped with a KISS logo and I don’t aspire to have my own “KISS room.”

What I have been doing is listening to KISS music.

It started with the JIGOKU RETSUDEN Japanese import CD. I was listening to that album and then I started going back and listening to the original versions of those songs. Picture this, I’m at work in front of my computer, writing away at one project or another, and positively jamming to classic KISS. I’m dancing in my chair. I’m air drumming and air guitaring. I’m mouthing the lyrics.

In short, the music is making me happy.

As you might know, I’ve not been the most happiest of campers. I had been paying too close attention on some of the not-so-great aspects of my life. Recently, I realized it and have been trying to focus on the future and not the past, the things that make me happy and not sad and the blessings in my life and not the shortcomings.

KISS music just makes me happy. And anything that makes me happy these days is exactly what the doctor ordered.