Corrective Measures Reviews

My good friend and partner in crime, Grant Chastain, has put together a fantastic piece of comic book goodness called Corrective Measures. Recently, a collection of the first six chapters of the story were gathered in a graphic novel format by Arcana.

When you put original work out into the public, you invite criticism. Grant has been actively pursuing reviewers of the collection, soliciting the comic book blogosphere to take a look at Corrective Measures and drop their reviews: good or bad.

So, let’s run down the avenues that have read and liked what they saw:

Weekly Comic Book Review, by reviewer Jason Montes: “It’s not often that I read a trade in one sitting, but I was so immersed with the characters that I couldn’t put the book down… at $14.95 for 152 pages there’s little reason not to pick this up. The strong characters and art will win you over. Arcana’s got one of the best surprises of this year in their hands.” (Grade: A-)

iFanboy, by reviewer Josh Flanagan: “Good and bad are ambiguous, and Chastain seems to have a good understanding of this. As a first time effort from both writer and artist, it’s fairly well done. The mysterious characters are probably the most interesting aspect of the story, since you don’t quite know where anyone stands, just as you don’t in real life, but unlike real life, in the world of the supervillain prison, the stakes are very high, and survival is a day to day affair. The world created here is very full and thorough… if you’ve got a jones to try out something new, and give some new creators a shot, this might be a good book to know about.”

Project Fanboy, by reviewer Sebastian Piccione: “The book is brilliantly executed, managing to be both extremely subtle and boldly in your face. The in your face is the way it deals with some powerful issues; racism, hate, religion, self awareness, motivations, to name a few… An incredible story, with strong clean art, CORRECTIVE MEASURES is a powerful addition to any collection. And the best part? It ends with plenty of room for more!”

Jazma Online, by reviewer Richard Vasseur: “The action scenes are stunning in the emotion they show, (a)s are the quiet scenes. Such emotion is rarely seen in a comic book through the story and art. It makes this comic stand out. Brody has a different way of dealing with racial tension. Whatever it takes to get his job done he will do. He still has a heart though… the only question is, at San Tiburon, for how long.”

Comics and… Other Imaginary Tales, by reviewer Jim Martin: “What has been laid out in these six chapters is a place that is rich in individual stories of each prisoner and at the same time rich in an overall story of Jason and the Warden. I could see this being a great weekly TV series like an Alias, Babylon 5 or Farscape (shows that had great individual episodes, but had an overall plot that would be moved forward in many of the individual episodes). OVERALL GRADE: A

Comics Bulletin, by reviewer Erik Norris: “For starting out on a fresh foot, without established names and places, you need to build everything up from the ground floor and create a believable world for your characters to inhabit. So I commend Grant Chastain for taking that risk and exploring his creation to the fullest right out of the gates instead of telling a narrow tale in what is obviously a world filled with story possibilities… It’s obvious, though, from this first collection that Chastain has an over-arching vision for this series. His crisp dialogue, allusions to other works, and great use of a rotating cast makes me believe Corrective Measures will be a great prison saga once all is said and done.”

The Onion’s AV Club, by reviewer Tasha Robinson: “…the book is a solid drama about a little-considered aspect of the superhero world, sort of a parallel Gotham Central where unpowered guards attempt to ride herd over the worst supervillains the world has to offer, and the new head of the violent crimes wing debates how he’s going to handle his new position… By focusing as much on the humanity of his characters as on their monstrosities, Chastain winds up with an impressively textured world.”

Ain’t It Cool News, by reviewer Ambush Bug: “Moyano isn’t afraid to pull back and show the world these characters are living in. These wide shots are especially cool when Moyano struts his stuff in the artistic range department as we see villains of all sorts of shapes and sizes doing their monotonous prison routines. These scenes can be compared to the STAR WARS cantina scenes where four armed scaly creatures interact with fiery eyed Muslims and super-strong Aryans in the mess hall or the prison yard. All in all, Chastain has fleshed out quite a detailed and fascinating little prison how his inmates to evil around in. This trade is nicely colored and packaged and presents the story in the best possible light. Recommended reading for fans of HEROES and OZ.”

In addition to the reviews, Grant has been involved in a couple of online interviews about Corrective Measures and his comic book writing. He says the interviews have allowed him to expand on the book and his lay down insight into his ultimate vision for the universe he’s created. These are just a couple of them:

Project Fanboy interview with Grant Chastain

Comics and… Other Imaginary Tales interview with Grant Chastain

If you are still looking for more Corrective Measures passed the official website at, Grant has started a blogs strictly for people that are interested in seeing new artwork and checking out new concepts for the issues ahead. Visit him at