Red Sox

It appears there’s going to be a ratings dumper World Series. Too bad. I mean, if the Series would have been LA versus Boston it would have done great business. Nobody, but the peeps in Philadelphia and Tampa Bay will be watching this World Series and that’s too bad. I was kinda hoping to root for the Red Sox.

I’m not a fan of the American League mostly because I don’t like the Designated Hitter rule. However, I have decided if I’m going to root for only one National League team (Cardinals), then I will root for only one American League team and that team will be the Boston Red Sox. I might even purchase a Boston Red Sox hat.

Honestly, it was down to being a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan. The Cardinals have beat both and have been beaten by both for World Series Championships. Yankees have the most World Series wins, but the Cardinals are second. The As are next, but I’m not rooting for Oakland. Boston, with seven championships, is fourth overall and I like to pull for the winners. It’s why I’m not a dumb Cubs fan.

I can get behind Ted Williams too… even though the Cardinals pretty much had their way with him in their World Series wins.

For the curious, the White Sox never entered the picture mostly because their manager is a Grade A loon and I’m not a fan of their ballpark. Speaking of parks, that’s one thing I like about Boston. Fenway Park is old school baseball. The Green Monster is something you’d never find in a modern ball park.

I recently watched Boston-based The Departed so I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. I love the accent. The Irishness of the place.

So, if I’m going to root for an American League team it will be the Boston Red Sox… unless they are playing the St. Louis Cardinals.