Be Stills My Heart: New Star Trek Pics

I’m sure you have already seen the brand spankin’ new stills from the upcoming Star Trek movie. If not, catch up with Entertainment Weekly’s new gallery. Do they look great? Well, yeah. However, images just aren’t quite enough. For me, the jury is still out regarding this new version/reboot/reimagining of Star Trek.

When the cast was announced I was pretty happy with the choices. Not everyone looked absolutely perfect, but seeing the actors in uniform/make-up its hard not to get at least a little excited about the film. Quinto as Spock looks especially impressive.

I think the decision to move this movie to Summer 2009 was a grave mistake. It would have played fantastically this Christmas season as was originally intended. With the pictures and some of the info coming out about the script, I’m cautiously optimistic about the movie.

Most fans’ favorite movie is The Wrath of Khan. Most general movie goers would probably say The Voyage Home. Khan works because Nicholas Meyer had the vision of a Horatio Hornblower in space. He brought back the best and most interesting villain from the original series and redesigned everything that sucked from the first movie. There’s a reason the movies after Khan followed that movie’s lead and not the first movie. The Voyage Home worked on a more general level because it was essentially a fish out of water story and crowds love that stuff. See Back to the Future and Harry Potter as great examples. From the little I’ve read, it appears J.J. Abrams is trying to recreate a Wrath of Khan-type movie, but with the wider appeal of the time traveling Voyage Home. I hope he succeeds.

As far as the plot goes, my educated guess is in the 24th century (Next Generation/DS9/Voyager timeline) the film’s villain Nero changes the timeline by going back in time to the 23rd century and Nimoy-Spock, who is probably on Romulus, tries to stop him. The new timeline created by Nero changes things and Nimoy-Spock has to gather the old crew. The end result of the movie is a brand new timeline/reality where the 24th century still exists in one reality, but also the new movie reality of the 23rd century. I fully expect Nimoy-Spock will sacrifice himself to keep the new 23rd century in existence.

The Pocket Books series of novels extrapolating and combining Next Generation/DS9/Voyager crews still have their fans and I guess these novels are doing well. I’m convinced the TOS and TNG eras of Star Trek will reside strictly in novel form, comics, DVDs and in our collective hearts.

Long live the new 23rd century. Unless, you know, it totally sucks.