I have been accused, on more than one occasion, of attacking like a rabid pit bull and dropping huge bombs in the middle of conversations when it comes to the race to the White House and otherwise polite political discourse. They are unequivocally correct. I have dropped bombs, led with the teeth and I’ve since apologized to my friends who’s opinions I’ve attacked. Honestly, they didn’t deserve the venom. However, I do stand by the points I made.

Having a difference of opinion regarding certain things is just going to happen between friends. Many times we will simply agree to disagree. We can argue for our particular points of view, but we can’t change the facts of the argument. We can disagree on individual policies, but we can’t ignore the facts and treat lies because they’ve been told over and over again as the truth.

There is a tenant that says everyone’s opinion matters. Garbage. Opinions don’t matter. Intelligent opinions matter. Opinions backed up by research, facts and figures matter. It is every individual’s right to evaluate the validity of differing opinions and choose accordingly.

For example, there is a group that believes the Earth is 6,000 years old. Their position has been invalidated by scientists of all backgrounds and walks of life. Science trumps superstition and the ignorant ramblings from these people and their followers. It is a shining example of evaluating opinion. Who do you trust in these matters?

I get upset when I see people who believe whatever nonsense some authority tells them just because they are in positions to influence those beliefs. One has to evaluate the authority making the claim first. Do you think your preacher knows anything about the global economic crisis?

Everyone lives in their own self-delusion. They warp their personal reality to fit their own particular point of view. Sometimes it is a reflection of actual reality and sometimes it is not. Most people straddle the line. The ones who actively embrace ignorance and are devoted to their own twisted reality devoid of the real world scare me. I don’t want someone who lives in a cocoon to tell me who to believe, what to think or how to live.

I’m voting for Barack Obama for President. I feel he is the right candidate for a wide variety of reasons. Some of my friends are joining me and some of them are not. I’m not going to convince the ones voting for McCain to vote my way, no matter how much the attack dog in me wants to shatter their personal delusion of what socialism really is and explain to them, like I’m talking to a small child, why McCain’s choice of Pallin ultimately cost him independent and some Republican votes.

Their reasoning is valid in their own self-delusion as much as my reasons are valid in my self-delusion. Still, I like to think my opinion is the more intelligent one and closer to reality. Although, the outcome of the election won’t validate it one way or another.

So, I’m done being an attack dog. I might slip, but if I do please forgive me.

PS As has been presented by my friends on both sides of the political spectrum looking for a common ground this election, I offer the one issue that can be agreed upon by everyone: Pudding is tasty. I know it’s the one platform my buds, taste buds that is, can get behind.

PPS Please vote. I’ll say I hope you vote for Obama, but you go ahead and do what you want. It’s your right.