I am I

I am: doing better.
I think: too much sometimes.
I know: I need to lose weight.
I have: the best friends and family.
I wish: my friends lived closer.
I hate: willful ignorance.
I miss: my friends
I fear: losing my family.
I hear: good advice and I’m trying to take it.
I smell: pretty good.
I crave: the attention of a beautiful woman.
I search: for my one true love.
I wonder: if I’ll ever be truly happy and content with my life.
I regret: hurting a few people in my life.
I love: passionately.
I ache: only when it’s a heartache.
I am not: much of a believer.
I believe: I’m pretty good.
I dance: to the music.
I sing: to the radio in the shower and in my car.
I cry: far too easily.
I fight: with words.
I win: rarely.
I lose: more often than I’d care to admit.
I never: throw away old letters or pictures.
I always: look good in black.
I confuse: being in love with the idea of being in love.
I listen: well, which is one of my few relationship strengths.
I can usually be found: with my laptop.
I am scared: I will never be happy
I need: lots of things, but I’ll take unconditional love.
I am happy about: the way the presidential election is going.
I imagine: there’s no heaven, nor hell below. It’s easy if you try.
I tag: anyone who reads this and wants to send me a link back.