Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I’m one of those idiotic Star Wars fans who went to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars in the theater. Twice. I will admit to being a bit underwhelmed at the time, mostly because I didn’t think the writing was all that great. Visually, I thought it was pretty stunning though and I think I said it would work really well as a half-hour cartoon.

I was right.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is fun, exciting and does a pretty good job of entertaining this jaded fan.

The Yoda episode absolutely captured the best part of the character from Empire: the mischievous teacher. The two-parter, Shadow of Malevolence and Destroy Malevolence, was simply pure Star Wars fun. Everything you like about Star Wars was contained there: space battles, lightsaber battles, fun banter back and forth, rescuing the damsel in distress, worrying droids, others watching the battle from afar and expressing concern, and it even ends with a master shot of our heroes.

I’m not quite the target audience, but they are certainly throwing me bones here and there with dialogue, camera shots and action pieces. On the surface it makes you feel like a kid again watching the original movies. My 13-year old ate it up.

The animation is awesome with tech and weak with character, but at least it doesn’t feel like its taking its cures from Japanimation with big eyes and silly expressions. I am jaded enough to feel like its a cartoon designed to move toys, but overall the stories have entertained me.

And that’s about all I ever want from Star Wars these days.