Mysterious Cloaked Figure’s Astonishing Test 23

Welcome to the TWENTY-THIRD edition of the M.C.F.A.T., or Mysterious Cloaked Figure’s Astonishing Test! The idea is to answer the questions below and then check back in at MCFs place in a week or so when he links to my answers and posts his own:

1) Do you like Halloween? Why or why not?
I have some pretty great memories of dressing up as a kid.

2) What is your favorite sound effect?
I’m tempted to say the Wilhelm Scream, but I think I’d have to say the Snap Hiss of a lightsaber is pretty iconic.

3) How do you feel when studios recast roles to different actors in sequels to popular films?
I don’t really care. For example, Rachel Dawes didn’t add much to the Nolan Batman movies anyway. My preference is the cool way they deal with it on Dr. Who.

4) Fire or Ice?
Since Guy Gardner has dibs on Ice, I’ll take Fire. Besides, she has green hair and is a Brazillian super model.

The Google says she’s some sort of character I don’t remember from Marvel’s Secret Wars. I thought it was a great name for a genie character.