Six Random Things About Me You Don’t Know Meme

I saw this one awhile ago and forgot about it until I saw it in my archived Google Reader items. So, here you go. Six exclusive, previously unrevealed biographical factoids about yours truly.

1. I bring the laptop with me to the bathroom. Before I had a laptop, I always wondered why Kevin Smith would bring in his hand-held video game or MacBook with him to the bathroom. I know he used to stay on the crapper for a good long time and developed some problems by doing this. I, do not stay on the crapper for hours on end, but when I’m at home and in the middle of writing or surfing I’ll bring it with me. Way to start with a weird one, huh?

2. I can cook. I don’t get the opportunity to really fix a great meal for dozens of friends very often. I made an awesome pot roast with all the fixings for my friends almost ten years ago. I make pretty good spaghetti. Give me the recipe and I can make it.

3. I streaked in college. During pledging, we had to streak all across campus. Usually, it was late in the evening and nobody was hardly around – except for the big streak. The big streak was a big loop around the major dorms. My pledge class had been streaking with little fanfare for a week or so, but when we turned to corner toward the dorms the crowd noise we a bit scary. Did I mention there was snow and ice on the ground? We ran right through the crowd with flashbulbs going off and everyone saying to each, “Don’t fall down!” We turned back toward Beecher Hall and cheered like we’d just won the big game.

4. I was the first four year letter winner in Cross Country at Illinois College. Speaking of college, I decided to continue my athletic career in college and run on the fledgling cross country team. It had been created only the year before my freshman year. I ran all four years. I was the MVP my sophomore year, I set the first 4-mile record my junior year and I was team captain my senior year. We never had a full compliment of team members, so as a team we never did very well. It may have only been Division 3, but I was an NCAA athlete.

5. When I was a kid, I wore Kareem Abdul Jabbar style goggles when I played outside. Many of you know I had an accident in which I lost vision in my right eye. For the whole story, I refer you here. However, unless you grew up with me you wouldn’t know I wore the precursor to Rec-Specs. I got made fun of quite a bit even though a lot of those kids knew about the accident and the general reason I wore the goggles. The only time they were cool was when I pretended I was Evel Knevel on my bike. I tore the hell out of my bike.

6. I like Design on a Dime. There was a time when I actually Tivo’d Design on a Dime. My favorite time of the show was when Kristan Cunningham was hosting. Damn she was hot. I also enjoyed the Lee Snijders run, but I had no idea he’d move on to become some sort of porn producer.

What are yours?