I ♥… Sleeping

I did not have a good weekend. I didn’t sleep well and if there’s one thing I like to do on the weekend is sleep in just a bit.

I didn’t sleep in on Saturday. My internal clock got me up at 7 am and I couldn’t go back to sleep. My daughter slept until 10:30 am and then stayed in bed until 2 pm. I watched Illinois get creamed by a real football team and then went shopping with my kiddo.

My potential date Saturday cancelled and then sent me an email saying with her busy schedule it was just impossible to date anyone. She was right, but it sucks. My Plan B fell through as well, which I figured it might. I, of course, slept like shit Saturday night and was in a terrible funk most of Sunday.

My friend Dan came over in the afternoon to grab some graphic novels to read and then we went to see the new Bond. He loved it. My review will be posted tomorrow. Actually, aside from being with my daughter and seeing Quantum of Solace, my weekend sucked donkey.

Around 6p Sunday I grabbed an upcoming Christmas present for my Dad, a book, and started reading it. We have similar tastes in science fiction novels and I bought this one knowing I’d read it before giving it to him on Christmas. I was cold and all I wanted to do was to wrap myself up in some covers, lay on the couch and lose myself in a new book.

I read for about a half an hour and then started falling asleep. I gave in and thought I’d nap for a bit and watch Family Guy. I crashed.

All the stress, tightness, disappointment and depression caught up with me. My body succumbed to it all and just went into hibernation mode. I woke up at 10pm on my couch with my neck at an odd angle. I shuffled off to my bed and basically slept for twelve hours total.

I rarely remember my dreams. I’ve never tried to keep a dream journal, but the faint impressions I have of my de-stressing slumber was me walking on the beach in front of Santa Monica Pier. The sun was going down, but it was still really warm. I looked like a beach bum with a blue Hawaiian shirt and board shorts. I remember the feeling of the sand between my toes.

I’m not sure what it means, but probably that I need to not only recharge my batteries, but recharge my life. More akin to tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life than restarting somewhere else. Maybe, I’ll sleep a little better.