The Shield Series Finale

I came late to The Shield. I’m not sure I even watched the show in its first season. My good friend Grant turned me onto the show, as he’s done other times as well (Family Guy comes to mind as a Chastain-influenced decision on my part and he wants me to start watching Sons of Anarchy). I watched an episode or two and quickly got up to speed with the characters, tone and interweaving storylines. Of course, I was hooked.

I cannot think of a better ensemble cast-writing-production team synergy on cable television. The Wire or Entourage might be really good (I hear they are), but I’ve never seen either one of them. The Shield really put Fx on the map.

The 90-minute series finale is on tonight culminating several years of hell in the life of fictional LA suburb Farmington and the gangs/police/bystanders who dwell within. I’ve watched Michael Chiklis own his character, the immoral anti-hero Vic Mackey. Without Chiklis, the show probably wouldn’t have lasted as long. Vic’s story, beginning with the shooting of Terry Crowley to the Armenian money train robbery to the confession of sins to the Feds has been a tour de force for Chiklis.

Every story must have an ending and I sincerely hope the show tonight is a satisfying conclusion to an amazing series. One, I think I might actually watch from the beginning again.

Here are my predictions on how its all gonna end:

Claudette will finally succumb to the lupus that has been affecting her terribly this season. I expect she will be stripped of the captaincy of the Barn after some sort of verbal altercation with Vic. She will be home alone when she finally dies. They’ve foreshadowed it. The cleaning lady will find her. The true “hero” of the show loses.

The Dutch storyline with the serial killer kid has been ramping up to some sort of confrontation. I expect the six hang-ups from the mother are teasers. My gut says the calls were made by her son, to try and convince him not to come to the house when a real call from her comes before the son murders her. Dutch will go over anyway and will be shot by the kid, but he’ll return fire and kill the kid.

My initial thought was for the child molester to take revenge out on Billings, but Grant suggested he will take over the Barn and I expect that’s going to be the case. Billings is such a great character because he’s smart, yet unmotivated and “gets by.” Without Claudette or Dutch, he will easily be in line for the captaincy.

I expect the Mexican cartel will learn of Vic and Acevedo’s involvement with ICE through the former front man for the Mexican cartel. Olivia will let him go knowing he can put down both Acevedo and Mackey.

Acevedo will be killed during his mayorial acceptance speech. It was also foreshadowed by the killing of his friend and implied that he might have been the real target.

With Corrine locked up in the Barn, she asked Danny to get the kids. The cartel will go after Vic’s family. I’m guessing a drive-by shooting will take everyone out including Danny.
Corrine will take Vic and Danny’s child, go into witness protection and will be out of LA forever.

I won’t be surprised if Shane and Mara go out like Bonnie and Clyde, but I don’t think so. I think the increased drug use will play a part. I think Mara might actually accidentally OD and her death will push Shane over the edge. There’s a decent chance we will have another Tina – Shane confrontation, this time with Tina not making it out alive.

Julien was given a choice to take down Vic and Ronnie and he chose the Barn versus the Strike Team. Julien will be fully briefed on the Vic/Ronnie situation and I expect in a moment of weakness or loyalty, he will tell him Vic sold him out and gives Ronnie a way to run. There’s a hundred grand just waiting to be used.

I’m hoping there will be a Shane-Vic confrontation, but I’m not sure how the storylines would converge. Perhaps after Vic realizes his immunity is gone… that he’s lost his family… the strike team… he goes after Shane himself with Olivia hot on his trail.

Guns drawn, Vic and Shane square off and one of the best speeches goes down. Shane is high, erratic. Vic lowers his gun, but Shane squeezes off a round and misses. Vic then shoots Shane just like Terry, right under his left eye.

Vic then looks at the camera with a “this is how its all going to end” look. Puts the gun in his mouth. Olivia’s team breaks in. Black screen for 10 seconds. Bang.