Scribbles and Bits

One of the things I wanted to do with the blog is more general commentary. I used to add my Twitterisms as a blog post, but it got boring (at least for me). So here are, without much rhyme or reason, some random things I wanted to share.

• Nobody really wants a new Guns ‘n Roses album without the original line-up (or at least Axl, Duff and Slash).

• Finding music in Wal-Mart is a bitch unless you are the flavor of the week. I think I found the last copy of the Plant/Krauss Raising Sand CD for my Mom, but I had to scour every row.

• I use the Borders email coupons all the time. You should too.

• The latest CD from Shinedown is what the new Metallica record should have sounded like.

• I’m in deep debate with myself if I truly need a Blackberry with email and internet capability. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the Storm. The cute salesgirl was pushing the Curve. Still thinking. Opinions?

• I can hear the Mutt Lange influence in the new Nickelback.

• I now know several guitar chords and I’m getting better at changing chords, but I don’t practice nearly enough. And my fingers still hurt.

• I can’t imagine a movie more directed at 13 year old girls than Twilight. My 13-year old loved every second of the angsty melodrama.

• My political side has been dialed back down to 3 compared to the 11 it was at four to five weeks ago.

• I can spend hours on YouTube. For example, I spent far too long on the videos of the return of the Ultimate Warrior the other day.

• I started a novel and then abandoned it. I’ve done this before and I’m certainly not the first person to do such a thing. The core concept still works. I need to rethink it because it wore its influences like a scarlet letter. On its face. In blinking neon. I’ll come back to it later.

• I had no idea KISS featured so prominently in the movie Role Models. The explanation of Love Gun was priceless. The banter in the script was quite good. I can’t remember the last time I went into a movie with such a complete lack of knowledge beforehand.

• Since I started carrying around a moleskin notebook, I’ve been able to capture stray ideas at all times of the day. Why I never did this before escapes me.

• I’ve noticed that I subscribe to magazines that I don’t read hardly at all. This seems like a waste. However, I really like reading magazine articles. It is a mystery.

• I tried Fringe and decided that I was going to keep watching. When I had so much of the season still sitting on my Tivo taking up room, I decided to let it go. I guess I can always pick it up on DVD.

• I recently trimmed my nearly 400 feeds in Google Reader down to 150 or so. I cleared my feeds before 8am, viewed them anew at noon and had about 350 items. Before the purge, I’d easily have 1,000+ by noon. I love Google Reader, but I’m spending way too much time reading feeds!