“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

I was never into “Daily Affirmations.” I’ve had friends in the past who have used them to get through their day. For me, I’d rather make lists of to-do lists or reminders instead.

When my awesome-built-for-me job was eliminated, I wrote a reminder list on my refrigerator whiteboard to help me bridge from being mad/upset/scared/worried and into the proper mind-set to get down to the business of finding a new job. This is what I wrote:

… Think about what you have
… Believe in yourself
… Try a little harder
… Pay attention
… Have fun
… Write
… Work hard
… Read and learn
… Love someone

When things go bad, its easy to get discouraged. Nearly everyday I hear “Keep your head up” or “stay positive.” It isn’t easy, but it is a treasured thing that I have friends and family who care enough to remind me. A positive attitude is that small thing that makes a huge difference in my day.

So, it was nice to come across an ebook that focused directly on creating a positive attitude. The book is entitled A Posi+ive Attitude and it was written/compiled by Dan Auito

My favorite page features the heading, “We are what we think we are.” It lists ten ideas to keep in mind about yourself.

1. Others see in us what we think of ourselves.
2. How you think determines how you act and how others react to you.
3. Look important: it helps you think importantly.
4. Dress right. It always pays.
5. The sharper you look, the sharper you will be. (A pencil, when sharpened, has a clearly defined point and writing is easily read, but a dull pencil is just that—dull.)
6. Pay twice as much and get half as many. For example, two fine suits are much nicer, last longer, and look better than four cheap ones.
7. If you think of yourself in poor situations, that is what you will get.
8. Think of yourself as sharp, clean, together, intelligent, informed, and interesting, and that is what you will be.
9. In short: Practice uplifting self-praise, not belittling self-punishment. Think more of yourself, and there is more of you.
10. Be self-improving in academics, family, and friends. Make progress in changing bad habits, eliminating negativism, and wasting time. What you spend the most time on is “what and who you are going to be.”

I’m gonna try and keep these things in mind as I step forward for a job interview today. Wish me luck.