Long Live the Legion

I never, ever would have thought that I would see a live action representation of the Legion of Super Heroes, but there they stood: Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy hanging out with Clark Kent on Smallville. My 10-year old self would have freaked out. For further information on the Legion of Super-Heroes, go here.

I could not care less about the main plot involving Chloe and Brainiac and, apparently, Doomsday. I wanted to see the Legion using their powers, flight rings and little nods and winks to Legion history. I got it all and more.

The Legion Flight Rings looked perfect and I wonder if DC might make those available again. I had to pause my recording to make sure I heard correctly, but the reference to the Levitz Museum in the future made me smile since it’s an obvious reference to Paul Levitz, DC Comics president and long time Legion comic book writer.

“Acting like a sub,” “Holy sprock” and “Where’s your cape?” were amusing and I know I reacted favorable when Lightning Lad almost said Superman. It didn’t quite make up for the fact that I really didn’t like Calum Worthy playing Lightning Lad like Ron Weasley circa 13 years old. Ryan Kennedy as Rokk/Cosmic Boy was decent and I didn’t think Alexz Johnson playing Imra/Saturn Girl was all that terrible, but acting really isn’t the strong suit on this show anyway.

I was disappointed the Persuader was only on screen for a short amount of time. Still, episode writer Geoff Johns did his best to insert as much Legion coolness as possible.

I haven’t watched Smallville in a couple of seasons. It got boring, predictable and I quickly started not caring about the characters. Kristin Kreuk continues to get hotter, but aside from the eye candy I’m still convinced it isn’t worth continuing to keep watching Smallville.

However, it was fun to see the Legion. I can only hope we see the Legion again in the future. Ha! I made a punny.