Leave and Never Come Back

After the election, I was tired of politics. I’m betting many of you out there were feeling the same thing. I vowed I wouldn’t write anything political until the inauguration and here we are. Yet, I’m not feeling it.

Others have already emphasized the sad record of the last eight years. Apologists for the President seem to think he will be viewed differently by political historians, but I believe they are wrong. He will be mentioned in the same breath as Nixon and Hoover. His legacy will be a shameful reminder of partisanship and bully mentality on the world’s stage. However, I don’t feel like pointing out how wrong his policies were or how ashamed I’ve been to have this man be my President. Instead, I’m just going to say this: Leave and never come back.

The hope and excitement about to happen tomorrow should mean some optimism for the future. Many of you are scared of what an Obama administration might do. I’m scared he isn’t going to be able to do enough.

He’s not my messiah or “the one.” He’s just my President and it sure is nice to not be ashamed. Here’s to the next four years.