Good Day Sunshine

I had a good day yesterday. Having a good morning today. I hope to keep it up.

The sun is shining. It might actually hit 45 degrees outside and melt all the snow. My daughter’s birthday is Sunday and she’s excited. I have good friends and an awesome family.

I made a tasty chicken and salsa dish last night. All my bills are paid. Lost was awesome. I have Nip/Tuck to watch and the next Battlestar Galactica. My ankle feels hundred times better and I was invited to a Illinois-Iowa/Super Bowl party. Go me.

I think all the good vibes people are sending are actually working. I’m feeling better than I have since before Christmas. Opportunities are opening up in front of me. I know, its the old chestnut about when one door closes another opens up. I’ve never really cared for that sentiment, but I’d like to think things seem to be going my way as of late.

Nothing is set in stone and it can all come crashing down on me, so I’ll quietly go back to my job of finding a new job. Keep sending good vibes.